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I originally discovered McTimoney after a serious car accident in 1997 which left me with severe whiplash- constant pain and limited movement or my right arm. I was struggling to lead a normal life despite various treatments. By chance I came across this gentle sounding therapy and with some relief began treatment. After a few sessions I was feeling so much better it seemed like a miracle; my overall health improved at the same time. After years working in the banking and finance sector, I was looking for a change of direction and I began 5 years of training in 2001. I do not miss the stress of life in the fast lane!

I take a holistic approach to your health and well-being. This means that I consider your symptoms in the context of your full medical history, your lifestyle and your personal circumstances. McTimoney Chiropractors use a set of low force techniques to gently realign the spine and skeleton. These subtle but effective chiropractic adjustments can facilitate the relief of pain and discomfort, increase mobility and help towards overall better health. Today I treat a wide range of musculo-skeletal problems and have learned complimentary techniques to give each patient the best chance of feeling better as soon as possible. Regular check ups, or maintenance; treatments help many of my patients to stay active, living the lives they love and feeling well.

In my spare time, I love to ski. I live in the lovely Dee Valley and enjoy roaming around the hills and have been known to do the odd bit of river kayaking.

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