‘Sit Bone’ Pain

Pain in the bony part of the Glutes – the ‘sit bone’ or Ischial Tuberosity – is commonly due to bursitis or a Hamstring strain where it connects to the bone. It’s not possible to say for sure which it is, but your therapist will carry out various tests to narrow it down. This is a great video which explains assessment and treatment.

Stretching the TFL/ITB

The TFL (Tensor Fasciae Latae) is a difficult muscle to stretch. It connects the pelvic crest to the Iliotibial Band (ITB) at the top of the hip. If you try to stretch it normally, the ITB will take up most of the slack. Try foam rollering instead. You can carry on down the outside of the leg to the knee to stretch the ITB as well – normally quite painful! Start against a wall instead of lying down if you find it too much.